Private Cruises

Customise Any Event

Envision a private celebration on the water, where our friendly team crafts an unforgettable experience for you. At Noosa Cruiser, we stand as the exclusive venue on the water where our friendly team crafts an unforgettable experience for you. Whether you’re planning a birthday, work event, Christmas gathering, hens, or bucks party, explore the following options to see if they align with your vision.

Noosa Cruiser Private Experience Offerings:

  • Sit down 3 course meal prepared onboard (Maximum of 30 people) 2.5hrs Cruise Time
  • Stand up Buffet meal option (Maximum of 45 people, minimum number of 25 people) 3 hrs Cruise Time

Request a custom cruise time. Please contact us to discuss.

**Additional cruise time is $300 p/h
**$500 holding deposit

Buffet One

Italian Temptation from $70 Per Person

  1. Salumi Board With Cheese. Olives And Carasau Bread
  2. Italian Focaccia Barese
  3. Grill Seasonal Vegetables
  4. Crunchy Twisted Bread With Rosemary
  5. Caprese Salad With Fresh Bocconcini
  6. Gorgonzola Balls
  7. Panzerotti Mozzarella And Napoli Sauce
  8. Arancini
  9. Octopus Salad
  10. Stuffed Cannoli With Sweet Ricotta

Minimum of 25 People Required
3 Hour Cruise

Buffet Two

Asian Fusion from $70 Per Person

  1. Papaya Salad With Marinated Baby Octopus
  2. Japanese Seafood Yakitori (Skewers)
  3. Sushi Pasta (Marinated Watermelon. Wild Caught Tuna. Rice Fettuccini)
  4. Betel Leaf Thai Bites. Pork Belly. Kimchi Sweet & Sour Sauce
  5. Coconut Prawns. Garlic Lemon Lime Aioli
  6. Wagyu Bresaola Carpaccio. Smoked Fetta. Italian Glaze. Caperberries
  7. White Spoon Curiosity. Cucumber Cream. Crab Meat. Crispy Pumpkin Skin. Finger Lime
  8. Crispy Enoki Mushrooms With Salty Egg Yolk Paste with Chives
  9. Cannoli Filled With Matcha Ricotta & Sweet Red Bean Puree

Minimum Of 25 People Required
3 Hour Cruise

Buffet Three

Culinary Fiesta from $60 Per Person

  1. Peri Peri Chicken Wings
  2. Stuffed Zucchini Flower With Mozzarella Cheese
  3. Salt And Pepper Calamari
  4. Quinoa Salad With Roasted Vegetables And Lemon Dressing
  5. Stuffed Mushrooms With Fennel Sausage
  6. Smoked Feta And Cherry Tomatoes Skewers
  7. Stuffed Blue Vein Green Olives

Minimum of 25 people required
3 hour Cruise

Buffet Four

Delightful Bites from $50 Per Person

  1. Chips And Dips
  2. Vegetables Spring Rolls
  3. Sausage Rolls & Pies
  4. Mix Marinated Olives
  5. Vegetable Gyoza Dumplings
  6. Green Salad

Minimum of 25 people required
3 hour Cruise

Book the Roof Top Bar:

Join us for an intimate party for up 15 People. With your very own Roof Top bar at your fingertips and the very best views the Noosa Cruiser has to offer, this private booking can be enjoyed during the day or over an evening.

Please note: currently this experience does not include catering, however guests are welcome to bring their own nibbles along to enjoy.

Lunch cruise: Between 11am – 2pm, 2.5hrs cruise time

Sunset cruise: 4pm – 8pm, 2.5hrs cruise time

For more information or to book, please Contact Us.

Wedding Receptions:

Celebrate your wedding in unparalleled style with Noosa Cruiser. Our licensed vessel that transports guests along the stunning Noosa River, ensures an idealic experience in any season. Moored at the picturesque Noosa Marina, we offer flexibility in pick-up and drop-off points, ensuring convenience for you and your guests.

On the lower deck, whether you envision a lively stand-up reception or an intimate seated dinner, our versatile layout with white aesthetics and a waterproof restaurant area, adapts effortlessly to your preferences.

As you ascend to the upper deck, immerse yourself in the panoramic views and ocean air. Seek shade beneath the awning or indulge in refreshments from the rooftop bar. Its tranquil waters and verdant Hinterland provide an idyllic backdrop for your wedding festivities and capture timeless moments in your cherished photographs.

Elevate your special day to new heights of sophistication and romance aboard the Noosa Cruiser, where every detail is tailored to ensure a truly unforgettable celebration.

For more information or to book, please Contact Us.

What are the booking terms and conditions?

With being a floating restaurant, we are faced with more challenges than most other restaurants. Structure and patience is required for us to operate within the standards that we aspire to.

We require a minimum number of 6 Adults to run the dinner cruise. Therefore, we kindly ask you to understand and keep in mind that we may need to cancel the cruise and reschedule you to another day. Please keep an eye on your booking to ensure it is a confirmed cruise. If we cancel your cruise you are entitled to a full refund or a rescheduled date.