The owners are a vibrant, young couple and family of four who, with their deep love for Noosa are thrilled to be part of the local community.

With their fresh perspective and commitment to enhancing your experience, guests can anticipate a seamless and memorable journey from booking to disembarking.

Their dedication shines through in the introduction of exciting new events, promising to level up your culinary adventure on the tranquil waters of Noosa River.

You will continue to see upgrades, updates and improvements to the beloved Noosa Cruiser as we work to give you the best experience possible.

We Believe.

At Noosa Cruiser, we’re driven by a passion for creating extraordinary moments against the stunning backdrop of Noosa.

We believe in curating exceptional moments where culinary excellence harmonises with the breathtaking beauty of Noosa, ensuring each experience aboard Noosa Cruiser reflects our dedication to creating cherished memories.

Join us as we reimagine traditions, introduce exciting new events, and strive to craft memories that resonate with the spirit of Noosa.

What our Customers are Saying…

The food and service were exemplary, and we were treated like family.

- Catorina

We did the Sunset dinner cruise for our 20th wedding anniversary. We had an amazing experience; the staff is all lovely, and the food was fantastic.

- Manyana

Food and atmosphere were incredible! Cruising on the water with a view, good tunes while eating delicious food…perfect! Hats off to the new chef!

- Jenna